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We are experts at making custom GPS wildlife tracking devices for small mammals, herps, and birds.  In addition, we also make a limited selection of GPS wildlife tracking devices for large animals like feral pigs, crocodiles, and alligators.

Most noteworthy is our recent development (2018),  the Hybrid GPS starting at 5 grams including battery. This product is marketed under the name Nano GPS.  The main product feature is the substantially increased GPS data transfer range. It opens up unmanned aircraft use to automatically download GPS data from long ranges.  We have demonstrated data transfer ranges as great as 12 kilometers.

Another interesting development, in 2017, we introduced the Q4000ER selling as Small GPS.  The Small GPS is a tremendous performer.  Because it combines the long range data transfer with a high performance GPS antenna it is suitable for many projects.

2016 saw the introduction of our very tidy GPS with Iridium satellite transceiver sending GPS data by satellite.  This product is sold as Medium GPS, collars are as light as 130 grams.  While we are not stating that this is the lightest GPS Iridium collar on the market it certainly is in the running for that title.

In 2015 we began shipping the FLR V Micro GPS Data Logger starting at 7 grams including battery. This unique, lower cost product can be built into over 300 collar and backpack configurations all of which include the remote, automatic data download feature.

Making lightweight GPS tracking products with long battery life is our main expertise

For you, we will design a package with the best combination of electronics, batteries and weight reducing features.  Consequently, you will have an effective product that is also humane for your study animals.

In addition to the information on this website, we have several videos on our YouTube Channel, so please be sure to visit here.

Product Comparison

All products come with 24/7 year round support, including holidays!

X=Standard Feature    O=Optional Feature

 Nano  Micro  Small  Med.
 Weight Range  5g-20g  6g-50g  20g-100g  130g-250g
 Data Recovery Method  UHF Wireless  UHF Wireless  UHF Wireless  Satellite
 Data Transfer Range  up to 12km  up to 50m  up to 12km  global
 Drone Data Downloading X X X N/A
 Base Station Battery Life 2 days 5 days 2 days N/A
 Base Station External Power X N/A X N/A
 Change GPS Schedule in Field X X X X
 Drop Off  N/A O O O
 VHF Transmitter O O X X
 Smart GPS X X X X
 Activity Logger X X X X
 Factory Sealed X X X X
 Best in Habitat Type Open-Light Any Any Any
 GPS Precision Control X X X X
 Rechargeable O O O O
 Bluetooth X X X N/A
 Temperature Sensor X X X X
 Accelerometer X X X X
 Light Sensor N/A O N/A N/A
 Collar X X X X
 Backpack X X X X
 Implant N/A X X  N/A
 Custom Design X X X X
 DIY Kits Available X X N/A N/A
 Discount Price Eligible X X X X
 Refurbishment Available X X X X

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