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Nano GPS Backpacks

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5-20 Grams

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The manufacturing approach we take is to create a product that satisfies you, not us. Our GPS backpacks are created using sub-assemblies. The sub-assemblies presentare apower source, an electronic circuit board and various GPS and telemetry antennas. The GPS backpack may or may not contain a VHF transmitter. We do not necessarilydictate the sub-assembly arrangement. In order to satisfy your needs, sub-assemblies do not follow rigid arrangementrules. There may be passageways or not. Depending upon your application the passageways may be oriented horizontally or vertically. Our GPS backpacks are bespoke. You drive the design process.


Telemetry is defined as, “the process of recording and transmitting the readings of an instrument.” GPS is most obviously one of the recordings you want. But what else? Light levels, temperature, humidity, motion, the presence/absence of water and the list goes continues. But this is just a short list. The various sensors will be activated when you choose. They do not necessarily rely on each other’s schedules. Said another way, the GPS receiver activation does not have to affect the other sensors recording times. It may or it may not, but the choice is yours.

Finally, thesecollected data need to be stored in a secure way and they are. But the data are also transmitted remotely. Our products all havea data transmission method, this is standard. These methods range from short-range wireless to longer range wireless to a satellite global range.


We will help you understand your options and make the final product design. We will be there to support you when you need our support. And we will be there when you need service, whether that is refurbishing used GPS backpacks to be used again or anything else.

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