Iridium GPS Backpacks

Medium backpacks

Available from 120-200 grams

For project that requires data transmitted by satellite

Easy to get GPS data – Simple satellite tracking

  • Get your GPS data on the fly – a satellite transmits the GPS data
  • You can set alarms – Emails when wild animal moves X km. You set X.


Benefit from years of satellite tracking product improvements

  • You make the GPS schedule your way – Change it remotely later
  • Your GPS data are highly accurate – Client references available
  • Higher GPS success rates – Smart GPS feature is the key
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Purpose built GPS device

  • Tell us your weight & footprint limits – We design for your work
  • Ask and receive – Wide variety of Iridium GPS Backpacks and Collars for you. Visit Iridium GPS Collars page


You are important to us post sale – Your satisfaction is our priority

  • Don’t get left hanging – 365 day per year customer support
  • Sleep knowing that we back you up – 1-year warranty
  • You can use over and over – Factory refurbishment available
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Iridium GPS Backpacks – When the study area is just too vast

In the first quarter of 2018, two different satellite telemetry requests arrived.  That is not spectacular at all, it is normal.  The interesting part is how small we created the Iridum GPS Backpacks and Collars. Since the clients had needs that we had never before met, we held a team meeting.  Rather than spend a lot of time in the meeting we decided that everyone would report back 30 minutes later.  The solutions came when we met.  As a result, the clients were able to make the purchase and solve their needs.

Especially relevant to this story is that this is not out of the ordinary at Telemetry Solutions.  This is what we do best.

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