Micro GPS Backpacks

Micro GPS Backpacks

Available from 6 -50 grams

Suitable animals: small lizards, tortoises, turtles, frogs, very small mammals

You get more battery life without more weight

  • Avoid GPS attempts where signals don’t penetrate – Smart GPS included
  • Understand GPS life – User software instantly indicates battery life


Biologists rule! – You are in the driver’s seat

  • You schedule GPS as you wish – as frequently as every minute
  • Maximize GPS precision or GPS life – GPS Additional Time included
  • You can find the GPS – Trackable with radio beacon (optional)
  • Change your mind – Remotely change GPS schedule in the field


Save money

  • Earn discounts on GPS backpacks – Multiple price points available
  • You can use over and over – Factory refurbishment services
  • Recharge GPS devices yourself – Rechargeable available
  • Change your own batteries – Factory tutorial available
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Minimize stress on wild animal and yourself

  • Your choice – Dictate GPS backpack weight and footprint
  • You save time – Simplified ordering process for 2018


Spend less time collecting your GPS data

  • Convenient – Only base station required for remote data collection
  • Time saving – Small base station can be drone carried
  • Easy – Base station needs no operator
  • Save more time – Multiple base stations create a download mesh


Meet your goals

  • You are not working alone – Customer support available 365 days per year
  • Sleep without worrying – All GPS are factory tested 4 times in process
  • Your back up – You have a 12 month warranty
  • Collect activity data – 3-axis accelerometer included

When small is too big – Micro GPS backpacks fill the gap

Micro GPS backpacks fill a need between the Nano and Small GPS backpacks.  Becuase of its weight and price it fits nicely in the middle.  There are things to know about the Micro GPS backpacks that can affect your decision about whether or not to use them.  The Micro has a very good GPS antenna, not as good as the Small GPS but better than the Nano.  Becuase the GPS antenna is actually mounted onto the electronic circuit board, Micro GPS backpacks are very compact.  The data download method is very different from the other products in that it only works at short ranges.  We have tested it up to 200 meters but that is an extreme example, 50 meters or less in the field is more realistic.

Sensors and what they can do for you

We build the Micro GPS Backpacks with an accelerometer and a temperature sensor as standard.  We can also add a water switch, a humidity sensor, a light sensor or just about any type of sensor that you need.  When we do this you can get a lot more than whatever data the sensor outputs.  The sensor output can actually inform the microprocessor and modify the GPS schedule.  The GPS is not always on because the device is battery operated.  You create the GPS schedule.  Smart GPS is one example of how we use the accelerometer to modify the GPS schedule.  But think about the possibilities for the light sensor, temperature sensor, water sensor or any other type of sensor to modify that GPS schedule.

How you should proceed

We are interested in your project.  Contact us and let us know what you are trying to do.  Especially if you have an out-of-the-box idea, let us know.  We have been doing this a long time and will let you know right away what we can do for you.

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