Micro GPS Backpacks

Micro GPS backpacks

You get more battery life without more weight

  • Avoid GPS attempts where signals don’t penetrate – Smart GPS included
  • Understand GPS life – User software instantly indicates battery life


Biologists rule! – You are in the driver’s seat

  • You schedule GPS as you wish – as frequently as every minute
  • Maximize GPS precision or GPS life – GPS Additional Time included
  • You can find the GPS – Trackable with radio beacon (optional)
  • Change your mind – Remotely change GPS schedule in the field


Save money

  • Earn discounts on GPS backpacks – Multiple price points available
  • You can use over and over – Factory refurbishment services
  • Recharge GPS devices yourself – Rechargeable available
  • Change your own batteries – Factory tutorial available

Minimize stress on wild animal and yourself

  • Your choice – Dictate GPS backpack weight and footprint
  • You save time – Simplified ordering process for 2018


Spend less time collecting your GPS data

  • Convenient – Only base station required for remote data collection
  • Time saving – Small base station can be drone carried
  • Easy – Base station needs no operator
  • Save more time – Multiple base stations create a download mesh


Meet your goals

  • You are not working alone – Customer support available 365 days per year
  • Sleep without worrying – All GPS are factory tested 4 times in process
  • Your back up – You have a 12 month warranty
  • Collect activity data – 3-axis accelerometer included

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