Micro D.I.Y Backpack

Micro D.I.Y Backpacks

Available from 6-50 grams

Suitable animals: small lizards, tortoises, turtles, frogs, very small mammals

Spend less on GPS – Become a maker

  • Buy affordable GPS – Use your labor and our electronics
  • You build it, you refurbish it – Multiple uses amortize costs
  • Increase your sample size – D.I.Y. costs less per device


Build with confidence – Multiple support platforms 

  • Assemble your GPS without fear– Instructional video included
  • Help is nearby – Customer support available 365 days per year
  • You are empowered – Builder classes at Telemetry Solutions


Save time collecting GPS data – Work smarter not harder

  • Plant a base station –Just an automated base station required
  • Fly a base station – Even a hobby drone can carry our base station
  • Easy – No training, send co-worker into the field with base station
  • Save more time – Multiple base stations make affordable GPS download mesh
Watch video

GPS your way – Builder flexibility with affordable GPS

  • You schedule GPS as you like –as frequently as every minute
  • Incredible GPS precision – Simple with GPS Additional Time
  • Change GPS schedule remotely –Via your wireless connection


More GPS life & better GPS success rate – Use Smart GPS

  • Increase your data set – Easy to use Smart GPS makes it happen
  • Save your battery – Device knows when to modify your GPS schedule
  • Play with GPS schedule – Software tells you battery life

Affordable GPS – Big savings without cutting corners

Everyone has a different set of challenges.  Sometimes that is a small budget.  This doesn’t mean that you have to do without the equipment that you need.  The Telemetry Solutions Micro D.I.Y. Backpack is an affordable GPS designed specifically for wildlife.  Even if you need ultra small GPS devices the D.I.Y. selection can be a perfect fit.

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