Micro D.I.Y Backpack

Micro D.I.Y collars

Spend less on GPS – Become a maker

  • Buy affordable GPS – Use your labor and our electronics
  • You build it, you refurbish it – Multiple uses amortize costs
  • Increase your sample size – D.I.Y. costs less per device


Build with confidence – Multiple support platforms 

  • Assemble your GPS without fear– Instructional video included
  • Help is nearby – Customer support available 365 days per year
  • You are empowered – Builder classes at Telemetry Solutions


Save time collecting GPS data – Work smarter not harder

  • Plant a base station –Just an automated base station required
  • Fly a base station – Even a hobby drone can carry our base station
  • Easy – No training, send co-worker into the field with base station
  • Save more time – Multiple base stations make affordable GPS download mesh

GPS your way – Builder flexibility with affordable GPS

  • You schedule GPS as you like –as frequently as every minute
  • Incredible GPS precision – Simple with GPS Additional Time
  • Change GPS schedule remotely –Via your wireless connection


More GPS life & better GPS success rate – Use Smart GPS

  • Increase your data set – Easy to use Smart GPS makes it happen
  • Save your battery – Device knows when to modify your GPS schedule
  • Play with GPS schedule – Software tells you battery life

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