Nano Backpacks

Nano GPS backpacks

Available from 5 -20 grams
Suitable animals: birds, bats and other tiny mammals

Improved species survivability Tiny GPS, less impact on wild animal

  • Your smallest GPS device choice From 5 grams total weight
  • You get the packaging you need We build the GPS device specifically for your work


Achieve your goals We are your support system

  • Use our free customer support Available 365 days per year
  • Your equipment thoroughly tested Not lip service, learn more here
  • You are backed up 1 year warranty


GPS data is easier to recover Long range data transmission

  • Spend less time in the field Automatic data transmission to base station
  • You have multiple data recovery choices Drone with base station is just one

Extend battery life and increase GPS success Built in sensor helps you help yourself

  • Increase battery life – Smart GPS is standard even in this tiny GPS
  • Increase GPS acquisition success Smart GPS prevents GPS attempts when appropriate


Biologists rule! – You are in the drivers seat

  • You can change your mind – Remotely change GPS schedule in the field
  • Maximize your GPS accuracy Set GPS Additional Time accordingly
  • Add more tracking A tiny GPS with a tiny radio transmitter


Delight your supervisor – Save money on your GPS equipment

  • Get the most bang for your buck Many price points available to you
  • Reuse over and over Factory refurbishment or replace your own batteries

GPS tracking for birds – or turtles – anything really small

This GPS device can be configured in many different ways when you absolutely need GPS tracking. For birds, herps and very small mammals. This device has a temperature sensor, an accelerometer a GPS receiver. And most importantly it has a long range radio transceiver to send you the GPS data. The data are collected by a small, fully automatic device that we call a base station.

The base station communicates automatically with any GPS device that has been assigned to it. As long as the base station and the GPS device are within range of each other and the GPS has new GPS data to send, they will communicate. The data communication range is up to 30 km. In the field, you may experience more or less range depending upon circumstances. Read more about our Long Range Download system.

What you need to know

Most important for you is the total weight and the battery life. These two things go hand in hand. We can give you this information. If you know the amount of weight that you can put onto the animal in question tell us. Also, let us know the species, where the study will take place, the habitat type and the number of GPS positions you would like per day. This is a good starting point.

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