Nano D.I.Y. Backpacks

Nano D.I.Y. backpacks

Your least expensive choice – No labor costs

  • Assemble yourself – inexpensive not cheap
  • Save more – large order discounts double your savings
  • Use over and over again – Justify your purchase


Easy Data Recovery – You get your data with less effort

  • Time is not cheap – GPS data over long range saves your time
  • Use more technology to save more time – Drone mount data base station
  • Cover a huge area – Multiple base stations create data collection net


Maker authority – Never before have you had this much control

  • Your build your way – Control the shape yourself
  • You layout components – Make the footprint you want
  • Control everything by wireless – Nothing to seal up

You are not left out in the cold – We are here for you

  • Ask for help anytime – 365 day customer assistance by email
  • Quick assembly – Free step by step instructional video
  • Utilize your hand skills – with Telemetry Solutions on site instruction


Maximize your battery life – No added weight

  • Device modifies your GPS schedule – Avoid unlikely position attempts
  • Schedule GPS as you like – Software immediately estimates battery life
  • More frequent GPS positioning – Increase overall battery life, ask us
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