Nano D.I.Y. Backpacks

Nano D.I.Y. GPS Backpacks

Available from 5 -20 grams
Suitable animals: birds, bats and other tiny mammals

Your least expensive choice – No labor costs

  • Assemble yourself – inexpensive not cheap
  • Save more – large order discounts double your savings
  • Use over and over again – Justify your purchase


Easy Data Recovery – You get your data with less effort

  • Time is not cheap – GPS data over long range saves your time
  • Use more technology to save more time – Drone mount data base station
  • Cover a huge area – Multiple base stations create data collection net


Maker authority – Never before have you had this much control

  • Your build your way – Control the shape yourself
  • You layout components – Make the footprint you want
  • Control everything by wireless – Nothing to seal up

You are not left out in the cold – We are here for you

  • Ask for help anytime – 365 day customer assistance by email
  • Quick assembly – Free step by step instructional video
  • Utilize your hand skills – with Telemetry Solutions on site instruction


Maximize your battery life – No added weight

  • Device modifies your GPS schedule – Avoid unlikely position attempts
  • Schedule GPS as you like – Software immediately estimates battery life
  • More frequent GPS positioning – Increase overall battery life, ask us

Low-cost wildlife GPS – Made specifically for wildlife research

We realize that not everyone has a large equipment budget.  The solution is our low-cost wildlife GPS devices.  These are built on the exact same platforms as all of our product offerings.  The difference is that because they are D.I.Y. your labor cuts the costs.  With our instruction, you will be able to assemble and encapsulate the GPS devices.  For our low-cost wildlife GPS, we also offer in-house assembly tutoring, for a small fee.

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