Nano Enhanced Backpacks

Nano Enhanced Backpack

Available from 5 -20 grams
Suitable animals: birds, bats and other tiny mammals

Smallest GPS, still Feature Rich

  • Tiny GPS – your smallest GPS device choice from 5 grams total weight
  • Less impact on wild animals
  • You get the packaging you need, we build the GPS device specifically for your work


Extend Battery Life & Increase GPS Success

  • Increase battery life – SMART GPS is standard even in this tiny GPS
  • Built in sensor helps you help yourself
  • Increase GPS acquisition success – SMART GPS prevents attempts when appropriate


We are your Support System

  • Achieve your Goals – Use our free customer support available 365 days per year
  • Your equipment is thoroughly tested. Learn more here
  • 1 Yr Warranty Backup

GPS Data is Easier to Recover

  • Long Range Data Transmission
  • 12 – month warranty backs you up
  • Multiple Data Recovery Choices – Drone with base station is just one


Biologists Rule! You are in the driver’s seat

  • You’re free to change your mind – Remotely change GPS schedule in the field
  • Maximize Your GPS Accuracy – Set GPS Additional Time accordingly
  • Add More Tracking – A tiny GPS with a tiny transmitter


Save Money on your GPS Equipment

  • Make your supervisor happy by saving money
  • Get the most bang for your buck – there are many price points available
  • Reuse over and over or replace your own batteries
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