Small Backpacks

Small GPS Backpacks

Available from 20-100 grams

Good for animals that weigh at least 500 grams

Easier GPS wildlife tracking – Get your data with less effort


Save money in the long run to justify the initial cost

  • You can use this product multiple times – Refurbish and reuse
  • You can specify rechargeable batteries Recharge yourself
  • Don’t take our word for it Multiple wildlife tracking references available


Minimize the burden on wild animals Let’s get small

  • Choose the smallest device We help you to configure the optimal wildlife tracking device
  • Specify build features for your species We make the device specifically for your work

Keep your focus on results We provide the support

  • You have 365 day support We back you up when you need it
  • Be confident in your GPS hardware – Tested twice before, during and after production


Extend battery life Also improve GPS success rate

  • Free and included for you – Hone performance with Smart GPS mode
  • Accurate battery life estimate Temperature info included in estimate
  • You can change GPS schedule remotely Very quick and very easy to accomplish


You’re in charge – Set up wildlife tracking device as you wish

  • Schedule GPS in almost any way imaginable – User creates GPS schedules
  • You decide level of GPS precision Use our simple GPS Additional Time feature

Small GPS for wildlife – In backpack form

Backpacks can be made for various animals and we make them so that they meet your needs. There is no off-the-shelf standard. Of the several product lines that we offer, the Small GPS wildlife backpacks have features none others have. Wildlife projects require different GPS backpack attributes depending upon many things. Habitat type and the data download method can be very important. Our Small GPS backpacks come equipped with a high performing active patch GPS antenna. Therefore, it can pull even weak GPS signals, that means that it is good for all habitat types.

A long-range UHF transceiver achieves the data download. Stored GPS data stored automatically transmit to the mobile or stationary base stations. The base stations are quite small and easy to carry. In continuous mode, the internal battery lasts 40 hours. If you decide to leave the base station in the field then it can be powered by plugging a 12V battery into the external power jack. As the base station works automatically there is nothing left for you to do. Finally, multiple base stations can be used.

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