Nano Collars


7-20 Grams

Micro GPS Collars


7-50 Grams

Small GPS Collar


25-95 Grams

Medium GPS Collar


130-250 Grams

Nano D.I.Y Collar

Nano D.I.Y

7-20 Grams

Micro D.I.Y Collar

Micro D.I.Y

7-50 Grams


Each GPS collar that we make starts with one of our four different electronic platforms.  These different platforms consist of various sensors, a GPS module, sometimes a built-in GPS antenna, the microprocessor and ancillary electronic components.  You all have different needs when it comes to GPS collars.  Wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes too so we think our four platform approach makes sense.

When you need GPS collars, upon your initial contact, we request information to determine which platform best suits your needs.  Typically you can expect us to start by asking the maximum allowable weight that your study animal can handle.  From there we will ask about habitat and finally, we will ask you how you wish to receive the collected and stored data.  Our website is organized to reflect this process. You will find our GPS collars for wildlife organized by weight ranges.  That should be your starting point as you begin to browse the collar section. Sometimes your weight restriction will allow you to use a GPS collar that falls into two or even three different product lines (platforms).  At that point refer to our product comparison table to hone your selection.

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