Iridium GPS Collars

Iridium Collar

Available from 125-250 grams

For project that requires data transmitted by satellite

A testimonial of Iridium GPS collars: At Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in western New South Wales, AWC has deployed advanced technology Iridium GPS collars on 12 feral cats since the beginning of June. Made especially for AWC by the manufacturer, this is the first time that such collars have ever been used on feral cats.

The collars send data via satellite to a desktop computer, which dramatically increases our ability to gather and analyse movement data. Initial results are stunning: one feral cat has moved over 125 kilometres, while two others have moved more than 60 kilometres.

Such movements have never previously been recorded. Understanding behaviour like this is critical to the design of feral cat control including developing an effective strategy for a potential gene drive solution. Atticus Fleming, Chief Executive, Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Ensure wildlife survival  Small lightweight Iridium GPS collars

  • Your ethics committee will approve this – We design for your study species
  • Wildlife comfort prioritized – Multiple collar belting choices available
  • Is your request farfetched?  Ask us anyway, this is the genesis


Simple access to your GPS data  Satellites send to any mobile device or computer

  • Receive email alerts  When conditions around your animal change
  • Secure data  Password protected online database holds your data
  • Map your data instantly  Just click to map Iridium GPS collar data

Quick and easy setup  User choices are simple to use

  • Your GPS is precise  Highly accurate GPS receiver with GPS Additional Time
  • Data sets with higher success rates  Smart GPS feature is key here
  • You also get 3-axis activity logging  No additional cost


You are important to us post-sale  Your satisfaction is our priority

  • Don’t get left hanging  Iridium collar support all year
  • Sleep knowing that we back you up  1-year warranty
  • Use over and over  Service department can set you up again
Satellite Download

Iridium GPS collars – global satellite data download

Rather than having to go into the field to collect GPS data, this wildlife tracking collar sends the data to you.  As of early 2018, we make these collars as light as 130 grams.  This GPS collar has a fantastic GPS antenna capable of receiving GPS signals in very difficult situations.  Another great feature is that the GPS and satellite transceiver can operate using different batteries.  Therefore we can manipulate the battery life more easily.  As a result, you are more likely to get the battery life you need even though this is a very lightweight wildlife tracking collar.

Furthermore, we offer this collar with activity logging, temperature logging, and water presence/absence detection.

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