Micro GPS Collars

Micro GPS collars

Available from 25-95 grams

Suitable animals: small lizards, tortoises, turtles, frogs, very small mammals

Get predictable results – Impress your superiors

  • You have a resource in us – we support you 365 days per year
  • Have confidence – 40 point quality assurance test reduces GPS collar mortality
  • Don’t be left swinging in the wind – Your 1 year warranty backs you up


Save time – Collect GPS data automatically

  • Reduce field time – Automatic data download built in
  • Save effort – Fly base station on a drone to download GPS collar data
  • Automate data collection – Multiple stations create download mesh


Stretch your budget – Deploy multiple times

  • Save money on GPS collars– Refurbish yourself and keep your project running
  • Be really frugal – History shows up to 8 years effective product usefulness
  • Think rechargeable – Ask us to explain the pros and cons
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You control the GPS – User configures performance criteria

  • You create GPS schedules – GPS as frequently as every 1 minute
  • Record activity data if you like – 3 axis accelerometer included
  • Freely change your mind – Change the GPS schedule remotely
  • Easy wireless set up at your desk – No USB ports to waterproof

Focus on animal welfare –Built into the design process

  • Think about animal comfort – You have multiple collar material choices
  • Observe weight restrictions – Easily accomplished with multiple designs to choose from


Increase GPS battery life – Easy if you decide to do it

  • Allow GPS to modify schedule – Skillfully set up the Smart GPS feature
  • Decrease time between GPS attempts – Technique proven to beat lifetime estimate

Wildlife collars – sweet spot between Nano and Small

First of all, in terms of GPS performance, there is no compromise.  Because the GPS antenna is integrated into the GPS module we reduce the overall electronic footprint and size.  While some small animals hide or rest a lot, GPS might seem like a poor choice.  GPS signals don’t penetrate into all hiding or resting place.  Smart GPS evens the playing field.  Motion, or lack of it, informs the GPS schedule to skip GPS position attempts when the animal is hiding.

GPS data are transmitted automatically to a base station that indicates a download. Not only will it indicate a download, it will indicate which collar downloaded.

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