Micro D.I.Y Collar

Micro D.I.Y implant

Save money and increase your sample size

  • Save a lot of money – Use your time and our DIY GPS
  • Cash in on your talent – Use our construction techniques
  • Learn quickly – Video or factory instruction available


Save time recovering your GPS data

  • Reduce field time – Base stations collect data without a human
  • Got drone license? – Fly base station on a drone to collect GPS data
  • Create a mesh network – Multiple base stations create download mesh


Maximize the GPS battery life

  • Allow device to modify GPS schedule – Smart GPS is a standard feature
  • Increase positioning frequency – Simple trick to increase battery life, ask us

Get activity data too

  • Collect activity data – Tiny 3 axis accelerometer included
  • Choose your own sampling rate – 1 Hz, 10 Hz or 25 Hz, you decide
  • Decide for yourself the G-force sensitivity – +/-2G, +/-4G, +/-8G +/-16G


Stretch the budget even further

  • Refurbish yourself – With DIY GPS its easy
  • Use over and over – Some clients have used our GPS for almost 10 years
  • Power with rechargeable batteries – Simplify your life


Build with confidence

  • You’re covered – we support you 365 days per year, really!
  • Have no fear – DIY GPS come with instructions

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