Nano Collars

Nano GPS Collars

Available from 5 -20 grams
Suitable animals: birds, bats and other tiny mammals

Smallest GPS, still Feature Rich

  • Automatic, long range data collection up to 30 km
  • Change the GPS schedule remotely in the field
  • Every GPS positon attempt comes with a temperature output


Multiple GPS Data Collection Techniques

  • Stationary base stations can be powered externally
  • Use a drone if you like to carry base station aloft
  • Use multiple base stations to create a download network
  • Satellite enabled base station to send data to your computer

Stretch Your Research Dollars

  • Smallest GPS devices can be refurbished and reused
  • Multiple price points save you money
  • Refurbish on your own for just a few dollars


Controls is All Yours

  • Support never ends – we support you 365 days a year
  • Your products are tested 4 different times before you receive them
  • A 12-month warranty backs you up
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