Nano D.I.Y Collar

Nano D.I.Y. backpacks

Your spend less money – Assemble wildlife GPS yourself

  • Your time, your hands, our purpose built GPS electronics
  • Easy assembly with our step by step instructional video


Maximize your battery life – No added weight

  • Use Smart GPS even with DIY wildlife GPS
  • Your GPS schedule affects battery life and the software tells you how


Data recovery for dummies – Your data recovery made easy

  • GPS data transmitted up to 12 km.
  • Automated data collection keeps your field time to a minimum
  • You change GPS schedule remotely in the field if you want to

You won’t be hung out to dry – We are here for you

  • Customer assistance by email every day of the year
  • Builder assist available at Telemetry Solutions


Best animal survivability – You make it your way

  • Better fit without GPS antenna at back of neck
  • You control the final weight with your own encapsulation technique


Save money but keep wildlife GPS benefits intact

  • You create your GPS schedules just like with all our products
  • You decide how precise the GPS will be – ask us how
  • You control everything by wireless – no cables to connect
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