Nano D.I.Y Collars

Nano D.I.Y. GPS Backpacks

Available from 5 -20 grams
Suitable animals: birds, bats and other tiny mammals

Your spend less money – Assemble wildlife GPS yourself

  • Your time, your hands, our purpose built GPS electronics
  • Easy assembly with our step by step instructional video


Maximize your battery life – No added weight

  • Use Smart GPS even with DIY wildlife GPS
  • Your GPS schedule affects battery life and the software tells you how


Data recovery for dummies – Your data recovery made easy

You won’t be hung out to dry – We are here for you

  • Customer assistance by email every day of the year
  • Builder assist available at Telemetry Solutions


Best animal survivability – You make it your way

  • Better fit without GPS antenna at back of neck
  • You control the final weight with your own encapsulation technique


Save money but keep wildlife GPS benefits intact

  • Create your GPS schedules just like with all our products
  • You decide how precise the GPS will be – ask us how
  • Control everything by wireless – no cables to connect

Remote download GPS Collars – Do it Yourself

Because we make the DIY option you can buy more remote download GPS collars.   Yet, while it is your labor that puts the product together you are not alone.  Especially relevant are the tutorial videos and written instructions that we provide.  Furthermore, for a small fee, we offer build assistance.

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