Nano Enhanced Collars

Nano Enhanced Collar

Available from 15 -40 grams
Suitable animals: Quoll, Bettong, Skunk, Pygmy Rabbit

Small GPS, Big Benefits


Accelerometer included

  • Record accelerometer data
  • Detect and transmit specific behaviors detected by accelerometer
  • Turtle nesting detection to save battery until turtle is on the way to nest
  • Mortality output in GPS data set, remotely transmitted (optional)
  • Smart GPS, increase battery life by automatically modifying your GPS schedule based on movement


Optional features

  • Temperature logging – not just with GPS position, independent, scheduled temperature logging
  • Smart Temperature – user sets temperature change that will trigger more GPS positions based on temperature
  • Rechargeable or primary battery power


  • Round fit with smooth inside
  • Choices for best collar material including neoprene, chrome suede or soft tubing
  • Small battery and small electronics reduces bulk


We really are here for you

  • Support available 365 days per year
  • 12-month warranty backs you up
  • We are happy to have you talk to existing clients for references


Systematic quality control

  • Pre-production testing….testing during production and post-production testing
  • 35 item final checklist for each product that leaves our shop

Why does Nano Enhanced even exist?

The gap between the Nano GPS and the Small GPS is not very big, so why did we feel the need to fill it with the Nano Enhanced GPS?  Bringing a new product to market represents a massive amount of time and effort.  But when we got the call for 50 Pygmy Rabbit GPS collars, we knew that the best collar would be something between our two already existing products, that’s how Nano Enhanced was born.  When product weights are measured in tenths of grams it makes sense to save grams even if a new product development project is the only way.

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