Small GPS Collars


Available from 25-95 grams

Good for animals that weigh at least 500 grams

Keep your eyes on the prize Data from your GPS collars

  • You need data and we help you get it – You have 365 day customer support
  • Be confident in your investment  Each GPS device passes a 40 point quality assessment
  • Expand product confidence Multiple client references are available


Save money A GPS purchase that is easy to justify

  • Your GPS has multiple deployments in it. We can refurbish for you
  • You have history on your side. Some clients refurbish over 8 years


Increase GPS collar battery life. We will lead you and guide you

  • Skip GPS if animal hasn’t™ moved – Smart GPS mode is free and easy to use
  • Change your mind, change your GPS schedule. Remotely in the field

Economize your time – Data collection made simple

  • Your GPS data are collected automatically Base stations need no operator
  • Use a drone and maximize data transfer range – Up to 30 km.
  • Wireless collection net Multiple stations create data collection net


Eliminate animal discomfort Customized GPS collar

  • Keep animal welfare at the fore Multiple collar materials available to you
  • Choose the smallest device We will create your best GPS collar option


Enjoy other benefits Free

  • Record activity data 3-axis accelerometer included and free to use
  • Superior GPS performance High gain active GPS antenna standard feature

Small GPS Collars – Sensors, GPS, and 2-way communication

Small GPS collars have been our most popular product than any other size GPS collars. While this has become our specialty we have added more and more product capabilities.

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