• Snake GPS implant
    Snake GPS implant
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GPS Implants

Small GPS implant


27-85 Grams

Small GPS implant

Nano Enhanced

27-85 Grams


When you need GPS implants for snakes Telemetry Solutions has the experience.  Depending on the snake size and the habitat, we have two different product lines for GPS implants for snakes.  A third product line can be used if you choose external mounts rather than implants. This range of products means that snakes ranging from 100 grams up to extremely large 50-kilogram snakes can be tracked.

But how well does GPS work inside snakes?  The answer depends upon GPS placement inside the snake and where the snake is when the GPS attempts to acquire GPS signals.  Snakes are often in places that are not conducive to acquiring GPS signals.  But how will you know when the snake will be outside rocky outcrops or other hiding places.  You schedule the times for GPS.  If you get it wrong then the end result could be a very poor GPS data set.  How about using a temperature sensor to inform the GPS schedule?  All of Telemetry Solutions’ GPS implants for snakes already have a temperature sensor.  We can easily set the GPS device up so that you can use the temperature sensor to modify the GPS schedule.  This does not mean that the sensor will always override your schedule, only that it can enhance the schedule.  The goal is to output a nice, healthy GPS data set.


Use our contact form to send us some information about what you are trying to do.  Be sure to include the snake weight range, the study location and at least a little information about the snake’s habits.  Let us know how remote your study site is in relation to where you are based.  Knowing the challenges of your field work helps us to choose the correct product line.  For example, if you are far away from the study site but you know that the snake’s have a small home range let’s transfer GPS data by satellite. In your inquiry please tell us over what length of time you need GPS data.  The battery life and the battery weight go hand in hand.  Finally please be sure to let us know the number of  GPS positions per day that you need from the device.

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