Micro D.I.Y Implant

Micro D.I.Y Implants

Available from 6-50 grams

Suitable animals: snakes

Use fewer research dollars on GPS – Build wildlife implants 

  • You save money by assembling yourself – Use our purpose built electronics
  • Save on future deployments – You built it, you can refurbish it
  • Increase your sample sizes –Bulk pricing plus your labor equals more GPS devices


D.I.Y. and still get you what you need

  • You make the GPS schedule – Including as frequently as every minute
  • You set up the GPS time limit – Field test to learn best setting
  • Increase GPS precision fast – Takes a second of your time, ask us


You decide how to get your GPS data

  • Do it the quick way – Mount the base station on a drone
  • Even easier – The base station needs no operator, leave it in the field to collect data
  • Multiply your effort – Several base stations create a download mesh network
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Build without fear – We support you in different ways

  • Learn fast – Instructional video included for your wildlife implants
  • Contact us anytime you need us – Customer support available every day of the year
  • Become an expert builder – Builder classes available at Telemetry Solutions


Learn packaging tips and trick from us

  • You decide upon the footprint – 5 different battery pack choices
  • Regulate implant length – We explain everything during the sales process
  • Create your own shape – After waterproofing, we can show you how


Free, get more than just GPS

  • Log activity information – The 3 axis accelerometer inside the wildlife implant
  • Lots of temperature data too – Temperature output with each GPS position

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