Small GPS Implant

Small GPS implant

Use the best form factor – Low, narrow and short

  • Your most appropriate GPS – We create your custom device for you
  • Species specific information welcomed – Your GPS transmitter fits your needs


More battery life – Also improve GPS success rate

  • Use this free feature – Smart GPS is easy, we will show you how
  • You can change GPS schedule remotely – Find animal and just change schedule


Make a wise financial choice – Reuse

  • Your GPS transmitter is designed for multiple uses – Factory refurbishment available
  • Use your own talent and save – Choose to refurbish yourself with tutorial video

Implant expertise and client support – We are here for you

  • You have us when you need us – Customer support available 365
  • Feel secure in your purchase  – Herp GPS transmitter references available


Save your time – Easier GPS Data Collection

  • Multiple data collection options – Use download net, drone or mobile base stations
  • Get as close as you can – New long range data transfer


You are in the driver’s seat – Myriad set up choices included

  • Schedule GPS in almost any way imaginable – User creates GPS schedules
  • You decide level of GPS precision – Use our simple GPS Additional Time feature

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