Wrapping Up – About the Author

About the Author

About the author: Quintin Kermeen started in the wildlife telemetry industry at age 15 in 1979.  Mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms and winding tuning coils by hand!  In 1996, in order to have control of the company he works for,  he started Telemetry Solutions.  After reselling GPS manufactured by another company for the first 8 years, he experienced such poor product quality from their offerings that he undertook to develop a Telemetry Solutions GPS product line.  That has been moving forward since 2007.  


His focus is to provide products that do what we say they will do for projects that will have a good result from the product.  And when the suspicion is that our products will not satisfy a clients’ needs, he tells you!  All of our clients have directx access to Quintin.  His personal mobile number is throughout this document, +1-925-356-1972

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